Beans & Fatback


17 Oct 2015

De pers over Heroine Lovestruck

Volkskrant (****) 'Een meedogenloos rockend album.'
NRC (****) 'De messen worden geslepen.’
Parool (****) 'Vuige, op Jack Whites leest geschoeide garageblues.'
Lust For Life! (****) 'Speakers op 12, Retro klonk zelden zo lekker.’
Music Maker (****) 'Exotische, hypnotiserende hitsigheid.'
Oor 'Internationale klasse!’
Written in Music: 'Een plaat die het oeroude rock-‘n-roll-vuur brandend houdt.’
Dolf Jansen: 'Vuig, vet en vukkin briljant.’
PlatoMania 'Met afstand B&F’s beste werk.’
Opusdesoul: 'Het is maar hoever je favorieten aan kan wijzen als louter naar sterke songs aan het luisteren bent.’


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Heroine Lovestruck

CD / LP / Digital - Excelsior Recordings - 2015

With Skin Attached

CD / LP / Digital - Excelsior Recordings - 2013

Beans & Fatback


Heroine Lovestruck is B&F third and heaviest album to date.
The band was inspired by Surf Nuggets, obscure Rockabilly, Exotica, Ethio-Funk grooves and straight forward high energy Rock&Roll.
What started with a picture of Rita Hayworth in the role of Gilda painted on the first atomic bomb; detonated above the Bikini Atoll ended a year later with an album full of razor-sharp grooves, seething riffs and thundering rhythms.
Heroine Lovestruck is a tribute to classic Femme Fatales.
Women you fall for when you know it's not good for you.. The outcome is disastrous but your head turns itself off and the instinct takes over. 
Explosive dazzling and destructive.



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